In the Director’s Chair

If your tools for capturing digital video amaze and inspire you–but you haven’t (quite) figured out how to produce a film that tells a story you would want to see–In the Director’s Chairis here to help.

A talented cadre of film critics, producers, directors, editors and teachers will help you harness the power of your stories. With engaging narratives and project based learning, In the Director’s Chair helps you understand how to translate events of your life, or imagined lives, into well-told stories.

In the Director’s Chair ‘s professionally crafted narrative and digital video lessons build background knowledge and skills in the film arts. Through analyzing and mirroring the work of master film directors you will put yourself In the Director’s Chair and harness your capacity to artfully craft digital videos that tell stories, inspire action, and connect.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota                                     May 31, 2015

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Our teachers

Kevin Kos and Colin Slaby

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Our writers and their subjects                                                    

Rob Nelson on Martin Scorsese

Melissa Anderson on Shirley Clarke

Lisa Kennedy on Jehane Noujaim

Stuart Klawans on Laura Poitras

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About Us

Siri Anderson and Rob Nelson are the founders of In the Director’s Chair, LLC and 501c3Family Selfie

Siri fell in love with Rob 30 years ago –shortly after watching one of his Super 8 movies screening at a high school Halloween party.

Rob grew up to be an award-winning film critic and journalist. He has written about movies for Variety, Film Comment, the Village Voice, the Boston Phoenix, Mother Jones, Utne Reader, indieWIRE, Cinema Scope, City Pages and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (among others), and earned his master’s degree in journalism at the University of Minnesota.  A member of the National Society of Film Critics since 1998, he has interviewed the likes of Martin Scorsese, Wong Kar-wai, Albert Maysles, Kathryn Bigelow, and Spike Lee, to name a few. Rob could tell you the best spots in Cannes, Toronto, Park City and NYC to get a cheap meal, find a solid wi-fi signal, and get ice cream during the festivals–as well as where not to stay.