Why Digital Video?

2Revolutions, an education design lab, summarizes aptly that future of learning models must be:

  • Personalized
  • Learner driven
  • Applied
  • Cost-effective
  • Tech-enabled (see http://www.2revolutions.net/)

Our media literacy elearning platform meets these criteria.

In the Director’s Chair, LLC  produces, directs, curates and designs curriculum around a new media product line for teaching critical, new media and digital video literacy.

Our 501c3 focus is on getting this content to students in grades 5 through 12 to empower a new diverse array of children to see themselves as directors. Directors of new media and digital video. But also directors of their lives, and the direction of the world around them.

Today’s global issues urgently call for action on multiple fronts. Citizenship and economic survival increasingly demands global awareness and high level skills for analyzing and creating digital communications. Our experienced team of writers, teachers, historians, and engaged leaders will help kids and teachers to better position themselves in this world for personal and collective success.

In the Director’s Chair will be helpful to anyone wishing to foster literacy skills, but, and, in particular, our 501c3 will appeal to those in 1:1 classrooms (i.e., those wherein each child has her or his own digital device).

Our educational materials, designed for middle and secondary school audiences by leading authorities in film criticism, film scholarship, and media literacy to present cinematic accomplishments and critical literacy skills for appreciating film directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Spike Lee and Barbara Kopple, while conveying the STEAM- and humanities-related contexts of their work. For instance, the story of Hayao Miyazaki will be told with an emphasis on the engineering elements of production in an animated film, with appropriate historical references to stop-motion and digital animation.

Web Interface
A subscription-based e-publication from In the Director’s Chair will afford students and teachers the opportunity to access online materials in a safe and learning-friendly environment.

Teachers will gain access to supplementary materials to help them teach in a manner that meets students’ varied needs. For instance, e-books can be read aloud to students, translated into second languages, and/or connected to questions that track student growth.

In addition to fostering an appreciation for the cinematic “greats,” this curriculum will facilitate teachers’ success in developing 21st-century pedagogical skills and know-how.

Our video-instructional content will be designed and delivered by teachers with years of proven success in teaching film history and production to middle- and high-school students. The interdisciplinary and digitally accessible curriculum for In the Director’s Chair will also foster STEM skills and civic engagement while addressing Common Core Standards in social studies, science, and language arts.